General FAQ
  • When is Sommo Festival?
    Friday and Saturday, July 14-15, 2023.
  • Where is Sommo Festival?
    The site is located behind Avonlea Village at 8779 Route 6, Cavendish, Prince Edward Island – centrally located between the cities of Charlottetown and Summerside.
  • When do the gates open?
    Gates open at 12:00pm daily.
  • When does the festival end?
    10:45pm – 11:00pm daily.
  • Is there an age limit?
    No. The festival is all ages.
  • Once inside, can I leave and return later?

    Yes, you are free to come and go from the festival with a valid wristband.


    Note: Single-Day Pass holders do not require a wristband. Wristbands will only be provided to Single-Day Pass holders if they wish to leave & come back. Wristbands are required for re-entry.

  • Where is the lost & found?
    During the festival, the lost & found is located at the lost and found tent. The tent will be clearly marked and also visible on our site map (coming soon.)
  • Is smoking, vaping, cannabis allowed?
    There is no smoking, vaping, or cannabis allowed on site.
  • What is the festival code of conduct?

    Click here to see our Code of Conduct.

  • Can I view the sitemap?
    Coming soon.
  • Does Sommo Festival have a mobile app?
    Coming soon.
  • Where can I buy tickets?

    View our TICKETS page for all ticketing options and details.

  • What types of tickets are available?
    View our TICKETS page for all ticketing options and details.
  • Can I refund tickets?
    Tickets are non-refundable. To sell or transfer your tickets, click here to use our official fan-to-fan ticket exchange, powered by Lyte.
  • Can I join the waitlist for sold out tickets?
    To join the waitlist for sold-out tickets, click here to use our official fan-to-fan ticket exchange, powered by Lyte.
  • Can I sell or transfer tickets?
    To sell or transfer tickets, click here to use our official fan-to-fan ticket exchange, powered by Lyte.
  • What are "tier" tickets?
    The onsite experience is the same regardless of ticket tier; you will not be in separate areas. There is no difference in “tiers” other than price. Prices are subject to change based on demand. Buy early to save!
  • I bought tickets from an unauthorized source (Facebook, Marketplace, Kijiji, etc.) - how do I check if they are valid?
    We cannot verify tickets that were not purchased directly from us or purchased from our official ticket exchange.
  • What if the name on my ticket is incorrect?
    The name on your ticket does not matter, so long as it is a valid ticket purchased directly via us or from our official ticket exchange.
  • How do I change the name on my ticket?
    1. Log into your Eventbrite account. Then go to Tickets. The order will always be associated with the email address you entered during registration. If you made a typo, changing the email address on your ticket will not make it show in the Eventbrite App. In this situation, you’ll need to use the order confirmation sent to your email address.  2. Click the name of the event to select your order.  3. Click "Edit".  4. Click “Edit” on the individual ticket and change the name. For further assistance: eventbrite.com/support
  • Are kids allowed? How much are children's tickets?
    Children 5 years and younger do not require a ticket for General Admission with a ticket holding adult. Limited 2 children per ticketed adult. Children do require a ticket in all other areas (VIP, Sunroof, Hayloft, Corporate).
  • Does Sommo have VIP seating?
    Yes! VIP areas include the side-stage bleachers, the Sunroof (tables available), and the main VIP area.  • All VIP areas are licensed. • Children and guests under the age of 19 must have their own full-priced VIP ticket AND must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times while in this area. • The only VIP tickets that have assigned seating are the Hayloft & Sunroof Tables.
  • Where are the Corporate, VIP, Side Stage Bleachers, and Sunroof areas?
    Site map coming soon.
  • Does Sommo have private party or corporate hosting opportunities?
    You bet! Corporate suites, Sunroof tables and VIP tickets are all a great way to host corporate clients, friends or family. Get in touch at partnerships@whitecapentertainment.com to discuss corporate hosting opportunities and get your private party started!
  • Do you offer special ticket rates for armed forces / military personnel?
    Yes, please email info@sommofest.com for details on special rates for armed forces / military personnel.
  • Where is Sommo Festival?
    The site is located behind Avonlea Village at 8779 Route 6, Cavendish, Prince Edward Island – centrally located between the cities of Charlottetown and Summerside.
  • Where is the nearest city?
    Both Summerside & Charlottetown are very close to the Cavendish Beach Events Centre. Charlottetown (driving time) –> 45 minutes Summerside (driving time) –> 35 minutes
  • Is there a shuttle bus option?

    Yes! Convenient round-trip shuttle bus service is offered between the concert site and Charlottetown. Skip the driving, forget the traffic, and take the convenient way home! Get shuttle passes here.

  • I'm staying at Route 6 Ranch Campground. Where can I buy shuttle passes?
    Get shuttle passes here.
  • I'm staying at a local campground. Where can I buy shuttle passes?
    Shuttle bus route includes local campgrounds. Contact your campground to buy shuttle bus passes and to check shuttle times and pick up locations.
  • Taxi & Ride Share Info

    Is there a taxi option?

    Area map & taxi rates below:



    Are there ride share options?

    Click here to view options from Kari, a ride share company based out of Charlottetown.



    Where are the taxi and ride share pick up and drop off locations?

    If coming from the West (Summerside etc), your drop off and pick up location is Tourist Mart.

    If coming from the East (Charlottetown etc), your drop off and pick up location is Cavendish Beach Information Centre.

  • Is the festival accessible?
    Sommo Festival is accredited as “Fully Accessible” by Access Advisor. Services include: Accessible parking lot for those with the government issued parking passes ($20 first-come, first-serve in the East Premium Parking Lot) a Pat & The Elephant shuttle service to and from the parking lot in Avonlea Village Corporate Suite entrance access accessible washrooms crushed gravel pathways accessible viewing platform that offers a premium view of the main stage, is fully licensed and has a dedicated beverage server  To read more about our accessible classification, visit Access Advisor’s Website. www.accessadvisor.ca
  • Do I need a special ticket to sit on the accessible platform?

    Yes! Email info@sommofest.com and a customer service representative will reach out to you to purchase. If you already have a pass, let us know and we’ll swap your ticket for an accessible ticket if available. 

  • What gate do I enter the festival?
    If you have an Accessible Ticket, enter through the Corporate Suites entrance. This entrance is to the left of the Bell Main Stage (when approaching from the parking lot.)
  • Are there bathrooms by the accessible platform?
    Yes, accessible washrooms are nearby.
  • What if I have difficulty walking but don't need access to the accessible platform?
    Anyone can use the accessible entrance. This entrance is intended to assist those with difficulty walking or mobility issues. You do not need an accessible ticket to use this entrance.
  • Do you have accessible parking?
    Accessible parking will only be in the East Premium Parking lot and will be available first-come, first-serve for $20 for those who have a government-issued accessible parking pass. Ask an attendant at the VIP entrance to the south of the venue if you need the use of a wheelchair. For any other questions, concerns, or additional information, please email info@sommofest.com
  • Are wheelchairs available at the festival?
    A limited number of wheelchairs are available at the Corporate Suites entrance. There is no charge for usage, but a valid picture I.D. and/or driver’s license must be left with the gate attendant. When the wheelchair is returned to the same gate it was obtained at, the I.D. will be returned.
  • Can I bring my service animal with me?
    Yes. Service animals are allowed, but pets are not.
What Can I Bring?
  • What is the bag policy?
    Maximum bag size = 17″ x 13″ x 6″ All bags may be subject to search prior to entry. We reserve the right to alter carry-in policies at any time.
  • Can I bring chairs?
    Yes. Standard “bag” chairs are acceptable to bring. Do NOT bring high back lawn chairs. If your “bag” chair is blocking the view of an individual behind you, we will ask you to remove that particular chair. Limited chairs, provided by the festival are available in the VIP section, but you can bring your own “bag” chair into VIP if need be. Chairs left unoccupied in the line-up prior to gates opening will be removed.
  • Can I bring a stroller for my child into the festival?
    Yes. Strollers are acceptable.
  • Can I bring food or drink into the festival grounds?
    No outside beverages or food of any kind is allowed. However, one sealed bottle of water, 1L or less will be permitted. Once inside the festival, you can purchase food and drink from a variety of vendors. If you have a specific dietary question, please email info@sommofest.com
  • If I have a dietary restriction, can I bring food?
    If you have a doctor’s note or another form of dietary restriction identification, you may bring a reasonable amount of food onsite; however, all items must be pre-packaged and sealed. We will have a variety of gluten free and dairy free options at the festival. If you have a specific dietary question, please email info@sommofest.com
  • Can I bring in a prescription?
    Prescription medication is allowed in the original prescription bottle, any guests attempting to bring in prescription medication must have photo identification card that matches the name printed on the prescription, and the pills in the bottle must match the description printed on the prescription. Over-the-counter medications are allowed in – provided that they are new and in their original, factory-sealed container.
  • What items are prohibited?
    • Framed Backpacks • Large bags • Coolers • Other carry-ins • Umbrellas • Outside food or beverages. Besides the allowable 1L of water • Cans or glass bottles • Alcohol or illegal substances • Contraband • Pets • Any and all professional audio recording equipment • Professional cameras and professional recording (photo, video, audio) equipment (NO large professional detachable zoom lenses, stands, monopods, tripods, attachment sticks (selfie sticks) or other commercial equipment. • Any and all professional video equipment. • Drones or any other remote flying device • Laser pointers or glow sticks • Air horns • Skateboards • Inline skates • Kites • Frisbees • Picnic baskets • Weapons of any kind The Festival reserves the right to alter carry-in policies at any time.
  • What should I do if I lose my child inside the festival?
    If your child becomes lost inside of the festival grounds, please notify a uniformed security officer or volunteer.
  • Can I sell my stuff in the parking lots?
    If not approved, absolutely not. If you are caught, you will be asked to leave the area immediately.
Get Involved
  • How do I sign up to be a food and/or drink vendor?

    To become a food and/or drink vendor, fill out the application form here.

    View the Vendors Guidelines booklet here.
  • How do I sign up to be a craft/artisan vendor?

    Stay tuned for our craft/artisan vendor application form, coming soon.

  • Are you looking for volunteers?
    Stay tuned for our volunteer application form, coming soon.
  • Is there a media application?

    CLICK HERE to fill out our Media Accreditation Application.


    Deadline to apply: June 23, 2023